Enhancing the operation of field deployed teams

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19 October, 2020

Mobitrust Platform was demonstrated at TechDays Aveiro 2020 with a fully functional 5G network

11 October, 2019

Mobitrust Platform was demonstrated at TechDays Aveiro 2019, October 10-12th, in the stand of TICE.PT dedicated to Mobilizador 5G and in close collaboration with Altice Labs and University of Coimbra

10 October, 2019

OneSource presents the Mobitrust Platform in the 1st Workshop of Mobilizador 5G, co-located with TechDays Aveiro 2019

11 September, 2019

OneSource's Mobitrust platform demonstrated at the Altice Portugal simulacrum of 5G communications for public safety scenarios.

June 5, 2019

Luis Cordeiro from OneSource shares the lessons learned from developing sensorised situational awareness for PPDR situations


June 4, 2019

OneSource presents the Mobitrust platform in the BroadWay Tendering & Partnering Workshop in Lancaster


25 January, 2019

2nd Mobitrust Workshop - “Situational Awareness” em Plataformas de Emergência e Segurança Pública

29 November, 2017

1st International Mobitrust Workshop - Security and Privacy Protection for Future Mobile Platforms

Maintenance and surveillance teams may largely benefit from the Mobitrust platform, as the overall safety of field teams is improved by sensors that monitor their status and, at the same time, their job gets easier to perform and simpler to monitor. That is explained by the fact that Command and Control Centers get a much clearer picture of the job scenario and access to monitoring equipment that has the capabilities to optimize maintenance procedures and surveillance operations.​

PPDR teams benefit from Mobitrust as a strategic and organizational platform, as it provides a basis for well-informed decisions, real-time knowledge of any given situation and remote management of operations. In critical communication scenarios, audio, video, text and data from sensors provide a thorough overview of any events, improving both the safety of the user and the overall success of the mission.​




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